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The pressure compensated FINA FLOW flowmeters for oxygen and compressed air represent a unique combination of functional, elegant design and innovative performance features.

With their precisely dosable flow rate of up to 15 l/min the pressure compensated FINA FLOW flowmeters support the hospital in providing especially efficient treatment in the areas of inhalation, insufflation and aerosol therapy.

They are perfectly suited for optimum care of patients in hospitals, specialized medical practices and nursing homes.


FINA FLOW O 15 is the optimum solution for an exact dosing in inhalation or insufflation. It is available as wall and rail solution.

Twin Pack for Inhalation and Insufflation

FINA DFLOW O 15 can supply two patients simultaneously and independently from one supply point. Both flowmeters are available as a wall or rail solution.


With a finely adjustable volume of up to 15 l/min, the FINA FLOW A 15 pressure compensated air flowmeter is perfectly suited for exact compressed air dosing in aerosol therapy.

FINA FLOW A 15 is available as a wall or rail solution.

Great Number of Connection Forms

Pressure compensated FINA FLOW flowmeters can be integrated into nearly every central gas supply system to meet the individual requirements of hospitals or specialized medical practices.

Connection Tubes with Gas Probes

Maquet offers a complete range of connection tubes for FINA FLOW flowmeters. The tubes come in several lengths, different color coding, and with a wide range of different gas probes available.

For more information please look at Gas probes, connection tubes...

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