The HEMASHIELD PLATINUM FINESSE Ultra-thin Knitted Cardiovascular Patch promotes exceptional handling, hemostasis, and healing during vascular or cardiac patching procedures. Backed by more than 45 years of experience in textile graft technology, the HEMASHIELD patch is the most used fabric for carotid endartere tomy, providing reliable and safe performance.

A tapered, pre-trimmed design improves procedural efficiency. Ultra-thin knitted fabric handles like a vein, providing excellent conformability to the host vessel and facilitating easy suturing and smooth needle passage. The proprietary HEMASHIELD collagen impregnation provides an initial blood-tight seal, improved tissue ingrowth, and excellent biocompatibility.


  • Ultra-thin knitted impregnated polyester patch
  • Porosity: < 5 mL/min/cm2

Excellent Performance

Proprietary HEMASHIELD collagen impregnation process provides an initial blood-tight seal, excellent tissue ingrowth and biocompatibility.

Exceptional Handling

Exclusive knitted, non-veloured material offers exceptional handling and strength.

Procedural Efficiency

Pre-trimmed, tapered end for greater procedural efficiency.

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