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IV Transport System

The M-SHIFT system is the reliable partner for an efficient, fast and safe patient transport. With the M-SHIFT Trolley, these benefits can be taken to areas in the hospital where an ICU bed can't go (e.g. examination rooms).

It accommodates a complete IV set-up when particular ICU beds do not fit the solution. Even without a MAQUET Ceiling Supply Unit, M-SHIFT can now enhance the workflow at the patient side. The M-SHIFT Trolley enables use of the system's main unit anytime and everywhere.

High loading capacity

  • It can easily carry up to 80 kg (176 lbs).
  • Standard rails for additional accessories or basket to carry multiple power sockets for pumps.
  • Cable management solution.


  • The trolley has 4 multidirectional wheels with 4 independent brakes. The 4th wheel has an additional function to set the direction.
  • Big wheels for smooth driving over obstacles or elevator gaps.
  • Bumpers on the chassis for equipment protection.


  • Height adjustable handle: the handle can be folded away or adjusted to acomfortable position during transport and to fit to different user heights.
  • Shape and size of the base allows the caregiver to walk comfortably with the trolley.


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