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The RESIST medical furnishings program is famous for its safety and durability. All products comply with the recommendations of the profession as well as the modern regulations and safety standards. RESIST products, with a few exceptions, are not medical products in the sense of the Medical Devices Act.

RESIST Highlights

  • Instrument stands
  • Heated bowl holder

RESIST equipment at a glance:

  • Instrument tables
  • Mayo instrument stands
  • Infusion stands
  • Disposal units
  • OR step stools
  • OR swiveling stools
  • Shelf rack
  • Heated bowl holders

Chrome-nickel steel alloy

Using chrome-nickel steel alloy, new processing and joining technologies, all the products in the Maquet RESIST program are extremely resistant and stable - with all the benefits of pure stainless steel:

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Resistant to disinfectant
  • Easy to clean
  • Cannot build up an electrostatic charge

Occupational safety

All the RESIST models have been approved by the "Health services and welfare care" technical committee of the Workmen's Disability Compensation Insurance Society. Assured electrostatic discharge. Engineered for safe use in the operating room, for stability and fire resistance.

Instrument standsRESIST Instrument stand

Meet the daily challenge more ergonomically: The different versions of Mayo instrument stands help the OR- staff to fulfill their daily demanding routine with more easiness and ergonomic. Three versions are available- one for each budget and requirements.

  • Standard mayo instrument stand: with manual height adjustment and easy maneuverable castors- will be best suited for a small budget and high expectations.
  • Hydraulic mayo instrument stand: the pivotable shelf and integrated oil pump offer the best solution for flexible working conditions and the highest cost efficiency.
  • Hydraulic mayo instrument stand, raised castors: this instrument stand combines two specialties in in one product. With its raised casters (Ø 75 mm) and broad T-foot, the instrument stand can be easily maneuvered over an operating table base of max. 610 mm (24 in) width, for example the MAGNUS or OTESUS base, allowing for perpendicular positioning toward or above the operating table. The T-foot is lowered at the front and fits perfectly underneath common OR step stools.

Heated bowl holderHeated bowl holder

The convenient control panel with its seven-segment LED indicator shows at a glance whether the set-point temperature has been reached. Pushing just a single button is sufficient to adjust the temperature step by step from 35°C to 60°C. The scale inside the bowl gives immediate information on liquid quantity. A further advantage in regard to safety and ease-of-use is that the heating will be switched off automatically if there is no bowl on the teflon-coated heating element. The heated bowl holder is made of corrosion resistant chrome-nickel steel.


Como Solicitar

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