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SENSATION 7Fr. is the smallest IAB catheter available today, combined with innovative fiber-optic technology that automatically calibrates in vivo. Smaller is better for the patient, potentially reducing vascular complications.

7Fr. size without sacrificing performance

  • The 7Fr. catheter is made possible by fiber-optic technology, allowing more patients with smaller, compromised vessels to benefit from IABP therapy
  • Potential for smaller arteriotomy
  • Potential for reduced limb ischemia

New IAB tray and insertion kit packaging: Innovative tray design for faster, easier setup and improved membrane protection.

The SENSATION 7Fr. Catheter. Smaller is Better

  • Potential for smaller arteriotomy
  • Potential for reduced limb ischemia
  • 15% increase in the amount of distal flow vs. 8Fr.*
  • 23% reduction on the cross-sectional area

Fiber-optic Sensor

The fiber-optic sensor instantaneously transmits a precise pressure signal to the CARDIOSAVE (Hybrid, Rescue) or CS300:

  • Reduced signal transfer delay vs. fluid-filled column
  • Maximizes helium gas shuttle lumen
  • Speeds and standardizes pressure set-up

Proprietary IAB Membrane

A patented, blow-molded polyurethane IAB material developed to withstand the constant abrasion of even the most calcified aortas*:

  • 43% more abrasion resistance
  • Reduced insertion force
  • Immediate inflation at start-up
  • Improved fatigue resistance

Unique T-handle Balloon Retainer

  • Ensures smallest balloon membrane profile
  • Protects balloon membrane during set-up

*Bench testing completed by Maquet. Data on file. Bench test results are not necessarily predictive of clinical results.

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