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Hybrid OR in Mexico City

Hybrid OR in Mexico City


The "Hospital General de México" opened in 1905 as a teaching hospital and according to the ranking of hospitals and clinics in Latin America 2013, it was in the top 5 hospitals with most number of discharges in Latin America, the greatest number of affiliated physicians and the largest number of hospital beds, nearly 1,000 beds.

Due to the construction of pavilions, operational areas are isolated and the patient should be taken through the corridors to the surgery or imaging area. Therefore the government allocated budget for the construction of a new tower with surgical areas where the patient will not have to go outside during their hospital stay.

The new tower will replace the current surgical areas, including in this case a hybrid OR for the different medical specialties such as neurosurgery, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal surgery colon and pancreatic cancer procedures as well as liver and heart transplants.

The project took over a year to be finally approved but one thing was clear to the hospital since the beginning, operating room equipment should be Maquet´s.
The OR includes an angiography equipment Artis Zeego from Siemens and the complete Maquet solution for a Hybrid OR: MAGNUS radiolucent OR table with neurosurgery accessories, H LED lights with ORCHIS camera, TEGRIS OR integration system, MODUTEC PLG II, MODUTEC ceiling supply unit for anesthesia and endoscopy equipment and an arm support for 56" screen solution.

The investment in this new tower reached 67 million Pesos. Due to the importance of the hospital, the new tower will be inaugurated by the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto.