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5th aniversary of Maquet Mexicana


Maquet Mexicana had an extremely successful journey in the last 5 years.
Since 2010, Maquet Mexicana has delivered solutions and services that reposition the Getinge Group brand and increase market participation throughout Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Thanks to an excellent team and strong partnerships, the Group has become a preferred supplier for many hospitals, both public and private, delivering double-digit growth in the region.

Operations in Mexico began in five years ago. “We revised the complete distribution channel we had in that time and we started with some direct sales in the big cities, Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara, explained Daniel Merlo, Managing Director at Maquet Mexicana.

Daniel Merlo, Managing Director at Maquet MexicanaIn 2013 the Business Areas Extended Care and Infection Control were integrated with Medical Systems into the same legal entity, becoming the Getinge Group in Mexico. This allowed the unit to identify synergies and build a stronger relationship with customers. They now see Maquet Mexicana as a comprehensive solution provider with a solid understanding of the market dynamics, strong culture and local challenges of Mexico.

“An important part of structuring a successful company is to select the right people,” said Merlo, discussing the 35 direct employees. “We managed to integrate in our team experienced people who have been in the market for a long time. This knowledge that we brought to the company definitely supports us to understand and improve our way of doing business in Mexico.”

Maquet Mexicana is based on a Customer Centricity structure, focusing on cost consciousness and people development. Merlo and his team have focused on customers’ needs within the region, using face-to-face meetings with customers and distributors to better understand their challenges. This information gave management the insight needed to support the sales force and deliver the best solution to customers.

Training has been always one of the most important aspects when it comes to preparing employees, distributors and customers. By providing continuous sales and clinical training and close support to the customers, the Group could also contribute to patient safety and the advance of new therapies.

As a flexible and fast response group, they could adapt to a marketplace that constantly changes, quickly finding creative alternatives to overcome the barriers along the way. They expect to have an organic growth higher than the market. “I’m confident that we have a great team on board and without this local knowledge, Maquet Mexicana wouldn’t be standing on the high level that we are today”.

There is no doubt that the unit is doing well; the conditions for continued success look promising.