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SERVO-n Reddot award

SERVO ventilators win several prestigious awards


Both the SERVO-U® and SERVO-n® ventilators have won the Red Dot Award: Product Design. This is the largest and most recognized product competition in the world. This year, there were a record number of entries - nearly 5,000 competing for the prize - making the dual victory an even more impressive accomplishment. This award came shortly after the recent announcement that SERVO-U won the Design for Experience Award. SERVO-U is also a finalist in the Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA).

Designed for the needs of clinicians, patients and relatives, praised by customers

Reinventing ventilator design is no easy task, but the explorative first phase of the product development revealed several improvement opportunities. The first of these led to the ventilator supporting its users directly on screen, as they perform their task. Or as one user describes it: “It's like having a textbook in the machine.”

The second major finding identified previously unmet emotional needs, not only of clinicians, but also of patients and their relatives. The effort to consider emotional needs in a high-stress situation is unrivaled in mechanical ventilation. One such innovative design solution is the “family view” (pictured in the top image), with soothing images that help relatives stay focused on their loved one. As one clinician called it: “The no questions view.”

Maquet SERVO-U"This new ventilator can make me more confident in my caregiving… when needed I feel I can use more advanced features without advanced training – for example, during on-call hours."

Pediatric Intensive Care Physician, Finland

"I would like to acknowledge the excellent work of Maquet on the new SERVO-U, you did an excellent job! The ventilator’s features are amazing and the touch screen operation is fantastic, our respiratory therapists and physicians just love it. This ventilator is fabulous; it impresses everyone in our unit. I’m really looking forward to use the SERVO-n also in our NICU."

Manager, Respiratory Therapy,
United Arab Emirates

SERVO ventilator family: a history of great user experience

The SERVO brand has a long history of great design stemming from a strong focus on user experience and a dedicated design team steering the process. SERVO-i, the predecessor of SERVO-U, redefined ventilation at its launch in 2001; its timeless design won the Industrial Designers Society of America’s (IDSA) Gold Design of the Decade Award 2010, almost ten years after its release. With the recent awards, the SERVO family stays true to the promise of a great user experience.

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SERVO-U and SERVO-n are not for sale in the US. The products may be pending regulatory approvals to be marketed in your country. Contact your Maquet representative for more information.