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Maquet - powered by success


Maquet CEO Heinz Jacqui gives an interesting insight in his leadership style, the goals and expectations for the company’s future.

Since his first days at Maquet in 2012, Heinz Jacqui has been driven to transform a collection of individual companies into a unified process-oriented global player. “We need to focus on the clinical outcomes and economical efficiency of our products and solutions,” he says.

Maquet is growing within a rapidly changing marketplace; there has been strong geographic expansion, especially in emerging markets. While implementing a new company strategy, important steps were taken to improve the quality systems and optimize all business processes throughout Maquet. “We are giving our customers the best possible services, investing in quality and driving Maquet forward, which will secure our future success,” explains Jacqui. “We are launching new products and ultimately we are working toward the goal of improving and saving more and more lives.”