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Maquet celebrates major milestone with over two million procedures performed using its minimally invasive endoscopic vessel harvesting system


Maquet Medical Systems announced today that its VASOVIEW endoscopic vessel harvesting system (EVH), indicated for use in minimally invasive surgery for vessel harvesting, has achieved a major milestone, with over 2 million procedures performed world-wide.

Since 1996, Maquet has been at the forefront of EVH technology, pioneering almost a dozen advancements and new product generations in partnership with the clinicians for whom Maquet EVH products are instrumental to their life-saving work.

Michael C. Doll, MPAS, PA-C, Chief Physician Assistant, Cardiac Surgery, Geisinger Medical Center, Berwick, PA said, "Maquet has been there since the beginning, supporting endoscopic vein harvesting by continuing to improve their system and training to keep pace with best practices. Whether I'm harvesting the saphenous vein or the radial artery, Maquet EVH offers me a reliable tool for delivering safe and reproducible patient outcomes."

In EVH, a healthy blood vessel, such as the saphenous vein from the leg or the radial artery from the arm, is removed through a small incision for use during Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) surgery to bypass a blockage in the heart. Open vein harvesting requires a lengthy incision that is often extremely painful and prone to healing complications. EVH offers several patient benefits, including faster healing, less postoperative pain and scarring, and reduced risk of wound complications, such as infection. These reduced complications also contribute to lower costs. These well-established benefits have resulted in EVH becoming the standard of care in the United States, with 94% of hospitals offering the procedure1.

John D Puskas MD, Chairman, Department of CT Surgery, Mount Sinai Beth Israel, New York, NY said, "Bypass graft quality is critical to the success of CABG surgery. The safety and durability of EVH has been demonstrated in multiple studies and a variety of clinical settings. Further, EVH ranks high on patient satisfaction due to reduced pain and improved recovery, while lower infection rates reduce resource utilization and costs. EVH is a win-win for both patients and the healthcare system. Maquet's long history and commitment to innovation and training have made Maquet EVH the system of choice in most clinical practices."

In addition to being a market leader for EVH technology innovation, Maquet also offers a vast array of educational programs that support healthcare providers, representing a hallmark of the company's commitment to enhancing education and improving patient outcomes.

Raoul Quintero, President and CEO of Maquet North America, said, "Maquet took an early leadership position in EVH. We have actively supported education programs ranging from basic product training courses to advanced workshops and symposia. Over the years, we have introduced improvements to our EVH system utilizing real-world, clinical user input and addressing the needs of our customers who use endoscopic vessel harvesting in their daily practice as a standard of care. Our commitment to enabling best in class EVH procedures is reflected in the achievement of this incredible milestone."

About Maquet

Maquet, a trusted partner for hospitals and physicians for more than 175 years, is a global leader in medical systems. The company offers innovative therapy solutions and infrastructure capabilities for high-acuity areas within the hospital - including the operating room (OR), hybrid OR/cath lab, and intensive care unit (ICU) - as well as intra- and inter-hospital patient transport. Additionally, Maquet develops intelligent and sustainable room concepts that exceed the expectations of modern hospitals, working in close cooperation with customers, production engineers and architects to integrate high quality products and services.

Headquartered in Rastatt, Germany, Maquet is the largest subsidiary of the publicly listed Getinge Group AB of Sweden. Maquet generated about 1.55 billion Euros in 2014, representing more than half of the Getinge Group's annual revenue of 2.93 billion Euros. Maquet has 7,000 employees and provides 53 international sales and service organizations, as well as a network of more than 300 sales partners.

1 2012 STS Floor Survey and market research data on file.

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