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The entire OR at the touch of a button

TEGRIS allows to operate nearly every element of the entire operating room. Video inputs can be recorded from range of sources and visuals can be displayed, saved or streamed. Integration of patient data from the HIS and PACS is seamless and simple. The settings of operating tables, surgical lightning and other medical devices is easy to adjust. Plus by integrating checklists into OR workflows, TEGRIS enhances patient safety by eliminating the need for manual data entry.

TEGRIS streamlines your workflows

Expand the sections below to see how the system works:


Quickly save and recall patient data, images and videos directly to your PACS in DICOM format.

Patient Management





Simplify collaboration and training with shared content inside and outside the OR.

Live Transmission

TEGRIS user interface

With the award-winning TEGRIS system, users can manage the entire OR from a single, fully customizable user interface. It remains intuitive and user-friendly, no matter how many elements are integrated. The versatility of the TEGRIS system ensures efficient workflow by taking the focus away from technology and focusing it on the patient.

Explore the different user interface elements by scrolling over the picture


  • All key patient data is clearly displayed at all times
  • Access more information by simply tapping the patient’s name
  • Patient data overlays can be displayed on all monitors
  • Screen colors are intentionally muted to avoid unnecessary distractions
  • The user interface remains highly intuitive, regardless of selected function
Workflow Menu
  • Guides user through the entire OR workflow from start to finish
  • Divided into three stages for maximum clarity: pre-op, intra-op and post-op
  • Each step of the OR workflow is configured to the customers’ needs at installation time of the system
  • Surgical safety checklists are integrated every step of the way – for maximum patient safety and peace of mind
Quick Access
  • Directly access a function by simply tapping the button
  • Rapidly access frequently used functions, saving valuable time during or between procedures
Manual Access
  • Access all functions and control pages of the system, regardless if they are available in the workflow menu or not