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The Advanta VXT vascular graft is a synthetic vascular prosthesis made from expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE). It is comprised of a reinforced two-layer design to offer greater strength to that of Getinge’s single layer ePTFE grafts. The Advanta VXT vascular graft is available in straight, tapered and trumpet configurations offering the ability to match or alter vessel flow dynamics. VXT grafts are also offered with and without helical support (commonly referred to as rings) should additional radial support be preferred. Additionally, grafts can be ordered as standard wall thickness or thin wall thickness.

Straight – Getinge offers an extensive line of straight grafts. Straight grafts are often used for those applications where a bypass is needed and vessel diameter remains a constant from the proximal to the distal anastomosis.

Tapered – A wide selection of tapered grafts is also offered for those clinical applications where flow dynamics need to be altered or when performing a bypass between two different diameter vessels. 

Trumpet – For those clinical applications where a significant change in flow dynamics is sought, Getinge offers a selection of “trumpet” grafts.  Offered in a variety of diameters (proximal end) this graft increases in diameter across the distal 8cm of the graft to an opening of 16mm.  A key feature to Getinge’s trumpet grafts is that they can be cut using surgical scissors to accommodate patient anatomy.

Each of the above graft configurations are offered in both thin wall and standard wall thickness.

Thin Wall (TW) – To offer physicians improved suturability and handling, the Advanta VXT TW grafts offer a reduced wall thickness across the length of the graft.

Standard Wall (SW) – Getinge also offers a full line of standard wall thickness grafts. 

Helix – Advanta VXT grafts are also offered with a helical coil (made of ePTFE) that is wrapped around the outer surface of the graft.  This helix provides additional radial support to minimize graft compression.  Common uses for a helix wrapped graft would be when graft placement falls across a joint, where unwanted compression of the graft is likely to occur.  Unlike competing products, our helix can be peeled off (by following the procedure in the product IFU) so that it will only be present where desired.

 VXT Exterior  VXT Interior
VXT has an average outer surface  porosity of 50 μm.
VXT has an average inner surface porosity of 20 μm.
  • Advanta VXT is available in lengths from 10–90cm
  • Advanta VXT is offered in diameters from 4mm–10mm
  • Advanta VXT trumpet grafts are offered in 6, 7, 8 and 10mm diameter options at the proximal end with a 16mm trumpet at the distal end.  Lengths range from 40–80cm
  • Advanta VXT comes equipped with the SLIDER GDS tunneling system 
  • Advanta VXT has an average outer surface porosity of 50µm, and an average inner surface porosity of 20µm.1

For more information on how Advanta VXT can augment your practice, please contact us.

1. Data on file.

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