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Instant updates of the inbound patient flow

Things always move fast in the Emergency Department. Patients are arriving, treated and sent on or discharged – all in a matter of hours – and the staff always need to be prepared for the arrival of the next patient. As a result, time is of the essence and easy access to information about patients, beds, personnel and the current capacity is crucial to the flow in the department.

With INSIGHT, relevant information about the patient flow and treatment is available from large touchscreens, computer workstations, and mobile devices, providing healthcare professionals with the information they need – when they need it.

Simple to update, easy to read
The INSIGHT solution is very flexible and can be setup up to display the patient information exactly as needed for the staff to do their job best. Updates are entered with just a touch of a finger and are visible from all relevant screens within a few seconds. Consequently, the INSIGHT system makes administrative tasks easy and fast so that data is always valid and visible for those who need it.

Integrable with other systems
INSIGHT Emergency supports integration to external systems such as

  • Ambulance Systems
  • Patient Administration Systems
  • Electronic Medical Record Systems
  • Laboratory Systems
  • Radiology Systems


Patient flow overviews
The solution offers overviews of inbound and waiting patients and their treatment, which beds or examination rooms are available as well as information about the staff on call in the department. As a result, the staff only needs to look in one place for all the information they need.

Valid real-time information
As INSIGHT is based on a push technology information is updated on all relevant screens and platforms within a few seconds, ensuring that the staff are always working from the same data.

INSIGHT supports both simple and advanced patient triage and display the triage level clearly along with the patient information. Consequently, clinicians are able to prioritize the patients easily, while still maintaining an overall overview.

Silent communication
With instant messaging and note sharing easily accessed on the screen staff can notify each other about important changes and relevant information, allowing for a more flexible and smooth patient and workflow.

Knowledge and information sharing
The INSIGHT solution enables quick sharing of information within a single department, between multiple departments, and even across the entire hospital, bringing the staff closer together and utilizing the knowledge accumulated in the different departments even better.


In need of more information?

To learn more about the INSIGHT products and the benefits gained from a well-organized patient flow please send a request to your local sales representative.

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