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Continuous focus on the patient treatment

INSIGHT Patient Ward supports the daily handling and coordination of tasks and activities in and between hospital bed departments, recovery and intensive care units, and psychiatry wards.

From touchscreens strategically placed throughout the departments and units the staff can follow the patients, update their treatment plans, keep up to date with the in- and outbound flow, and plan a structured and efficient discharge process for each patient with just the tap of a finger.

Simple bed and patient management
However, it is not only the patients and their treatment that are managed from the touchscreen clients and computer workstations; INSIGHT also supports dynamic bed management, allowing healthcare professionals to reserve, reorganize, order and label beds for service or other specific purposes.

Visualization of the patient treatment plan
Focus in the bed wards are on the continued patient treatment. To support this, INSIGHT visualizes more information about the patients and their treatment, displaying the current progress of their stay, and allowing the staff to take on the responsibility for the patient to promote better communication and ensure that the patient is offered the best and most efficient care.

Integrable with other systems
INSIGHT Patient Ward is integrable with a number of different third-party systems, including:

  • Patient Administrative Systems (PAS)
  • Radiology Information Systems (RIS)
  • Laboratory Information Systems (LAB)
  • Nurse Call Systems
  • Service Logistics Systems

Drawing on data and updating across INSIGHT and intergrated systems limit the need for double registration and promotes a more efficient workflow so that healthcare professionals can concentrate on what they do best – taking care of the patient.


Valid real-time information
INSIGHT is based on the idea that each healthcare professional updates the system in real-time as the patient treatment progresses. Each change is visible across all relevant screens and platforms within a few seconds, allowing others to adjust their plans accordingly.

With easier access to information, coordinators can ensure that the prioritization of department resources becomes a dynamic process.

Adjustable to existing work processes
The system supports a flexible configuration, which allows for customer defined lists and patient information across departments.

Bed and patient management
The INSIGHT screens visualize all beds – both available and occupied – in the department as well as information about the patients and the progress of their treatment.

Personnel overviews
Overviews of personnel, their roles, and their areas of responsibility let the staff know who to turn to for help and guidance, saving valuable time during the workday.

Intuitive interfaces
Each interface is configured to fit the workflow in the specific location, providing the staff with information relevant here. This ensures simplicity and as the interfaces are intuitive and easy-to-read, interacting with the system quickly becomes a natural part of the workday.


In need of more information?

To learn more about the INSIGHT products and the benefits gained from a well-organized patient flow please send a request to your local sales representative.

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