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Real-time visualizations of the daily surgery schedule

INSIGHT Surgical has been developed to actively support the workflow in the Surgical Department. The screens provide complete overviews of operating rooms, personnel and patients, and visualize the surgery schedule of the day along with the current status of the ongoing surgeries.

With INSIGHT surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, coordinators, porters and cleaning personnel are kept up to date with the current situation in the department. Consequently, information about changes, cancellations and reprioritizations are shared within a few seconds, allowing all parties to adjust accordingly.

Supporting interdepartmental collaboration
In addition, collaborating departments – e.g. the ICU, recovery and bed wards – can follow the progress in the Surgical Department from their own screens and make adjustments accordingly, when changes in the surgery schedule are entered in the system.

Simple and decodable data visualizations
INSIGHT Surgical interfaces differ slightly from the corresponding Emergency and Patient Ward screens. To better support the need in the Surgical Department, special OR components and calendars allow personnel to focus on the daily tasks with just a single glance at the screen, offering new and simple ways of visualizing the complex surgery schedule.

Screens in each operating room will – when updated – provide information about surgery progressions to coordinators and others, who are then able to adjust the schedule accordingly.

Increased functionality through integrations
Though INSIGHT is a perfectly usable stand-alone system, integrating it with relevant systems in the hospital expands the value of the solution and limits the need for double-registration, making the workflow even more efficient.

Consequently, INSIGHT Surgical is integrable with a number of third-party systems, such as booking and service logistics systems through different standardized interfaces.

Integrating the INSIGHT solution with a booking system, the surgery schedule will be shown on all relevant screens and can be updated from both INSIGHT and the booking system, depending on the integration.

An integration to Service Logistics Systems ensures that the ordering of porter transports, equipment and cleaning for the OR becomes a natural part of the surgery process.


OR flow
Hospital personnel in and outside of the Surgical Department are provided with real-time visualizations of the surgery schedule along with information about the current progress of ongoing surgeries.

Flexible planning
The INSIGHT system enables easy adjustment of the surgery schedule for each of the operating rooms to accompany changes in the current schedule and to make room for acute inbound patients.

Knowledge and information sharing
With INSIGHT in multiple departments across the hospital, information sharing becomes effortless and instant, as all information is updated across all relevant screens within a few seconds. Consequently, the intensive care and recovery units along with the bed departments can follow the progress in the Surgical Department and adjust to changes accordingly.

Silent communication
INSIGHT supports efficient communication with instant chat messaging and note sharing through components easily accessed on the screen.

Reduced turnover time
With overviews of the surgery schedule, staff and patient flow and quick communication with the cleaning service the operating rooms can be utilized better, resulting in a shorter turnover time. 


In need of more information?

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