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The optimal choice for abdominal vascular reconstruction, collagen-coated INTERGARD Knitted vascular grafts are designed with a unique reverse locknit construction that offers excellent handling and suturing characteristics.
INTERGARD Knitted grafts have a burst strength nearly twice that of other knitted polyester collagen- impregnated grafts on the market1, which significantly reduces the potential for postoperative dilatation2.

To promote optimal healing and long-term patency, INTERGARD Knitted grafts have a low-profile velour on the external surface. They incorporate a soft, open crimp design to minimize turbulence and enhance neointima formation.

INTERGARD Knitted grafts are available in Straight, Trifurcated, Quadrifurcated, UltraThin, and Small Caliber configurations, as well as in radially supported versions.


  • Demonstrated long-term durability and resistance to postoperative dilation2.
  • Proprietary knit design produces outstanding handling and suturability.
  • Low-profile velour construction designed to promote optimal healing.
  • Proven clinical safety and efficacy: clinical trial results demonstrated fewer complications and a higher primary patency rate compared with another commercially available collagen-impregnated graft3.

INTERGARD Knitted Small Caliber Grafts

  • Proven alternative for peripheral bypass procedures when vein is not available3.
  • Designed to overcome complications such as hyperplasia, host vessel mismatch, and suture hole bleeding.
  • Available radially supported with an external polypropylene support for all peripheral applications, including axillofemoral, axillobifemoral and fem-fem crossover procedures.

[1] Data on file.
[2] Swartbol P, Albrechtsson U, Parsson H, Norgren L. Dilatation of aortobifemoral grafts after a mean implantation of 5 years. International Angiology. 1996;15(3):236-239.
[3] INTERGARD Collagen Coated Knitted Vascular Grafts: Results of the U.S. Clinical Trial


  • Collagen-coated polyester graft
  • Reverse locknit knitting technique
  • Water permeability: ≤ 5 mL . cm-2. min-1

Superior Textile Design for Long-Term Performance

  • INTERGARD Knitted collagen-coated vascular grafts incorporate a highly filamentous, texturized low-twist yarn into a stable, reverse locknit construction with excellent handling and suturing characteristics.
  • Demonstrated long-term stability and resistance to postoperative dilatation.
  • Burst strength, radial tensile strength, and suture pullout strength characteristics are significantly greater than comparable grafts using a tricot knit1.

Excellent Healing

  • Excellent graft healing and tissue incorporation1
  • Knitted construction designed to promote optimal healing and significantly reduce the potential for postoperative dilatation

Exceptional Handling

  • Reverse locknit construction with excellent handling and suturing characteristics
  • Hemostasis No suture hole bleeding

[1] Data on file.


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