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The optimal choice for thoracic vascular reconstruction, collagen-coated INTERGARD Woven vascular grafts utilize low-twist, highly filamentous yarns, giving them excellent strength and suturing characteristics.

INTERGARD Woven grafts limit the velour to the external surface of the graft to enhance secure attachment of perigraft tissue. The internal surface of the graft has a well-organized, texturized surface, which provides a smooth foundation to promote secure pseudointima growth and minimize thrombus formation.

A Woven that Handles Like a Knit

  • Exclusive weave design assures excellent handling and suturing
  • Outstanding strength and long-term durability
  • Proven clinical safety and efficacy

INTERGARD Woven is available in a complete range of sizes, including specialty grafts for aortic arch and thoracic aorta repair and replacement.

INTERGARD Woven Aortic Arch Graft

  • Pre-sewn branches are designed for total replacement of all diseased segments.
  • Anatomically correct angle of branches is designed for easy suturing to the host vessels and to prevent graft kinking.
  • 30 cm length perfusion branch designed to be positioned outside the operative field for improved control and visualization.

INTERGARD Woven HemaBridge Graft

  • Designed to allow an easier, more reliable, and less time consuming technique.
  • Pre-sewn perfusion branch allows for antegrade arterial perfusion, and can be used to replace the brachiocephalic artery in a partial arch replacement.


  • Collagen-coated, external-velour polyester graft
  • Water permeability: ≤ 5 mL . cm-2. min-1

All INTERGARD Woven grafts offer excellent strength and long-term durability.


  • Velour on the external surface only to provide a smooth foundation to promote secure pseudointima growth and minimize thrombus formation


  • Exclusive weave design produces woven grafts that handle and suture like a knitted graft
  • Excellent strength and suturing characteristics

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