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LUCEA 50 & 100 lights have been developed in order to provide any operating or ICU room with LED technology. Their innovative design combined with a functional shape offer an efficient product to the medical staff. To fulfill the needs of all users, LUCEA 50 & 100 are available in mobile, wall and ceiling-mounted versions as well as a battery operated version. Designed for ICU and minor surgery, LUCEA 50 & 100 provide high quality illumination through LED technology without any compromises on the major enhancements offered by Maquet surgical lights.

The new LUCEA Double Fork (DF) is an extension of the LUCEA Single Fork (SF) OR light range, and is available both for LUCEA 50 and LUCEA 100 models.

The addition of a new spring arm with a double fork allows better maneuverability and ergonomic workflow. 

LUCEA Single Fork (SF) LUCEA Double Fork (DF)
LUCEA DF assures better handling due to new spring arm with a double fo LUCEA DF assures better handling due to new spring arm with a double fo

The additional rotation axis facilitates manipulation and positioning, making movement much easier compared to single fork OR-lights. Moreover, upper illumination has been significantly improved in the new range, with brightness increased to 60 000 Lux for LUCEA 50 and 120 000 Lux for LUCEA 100.

LUCEA Single Fork (SF) LUCEA Double Fork (DF)
LUCEA DF with additional rotation axis for better maneuverability LUCEA DF with additional rotation axis for better maneuverability

Flux Stability Program included in all lightheadsFlux Stability Program included in all lightheads:

  • Unique control of LED light flux
  • Dynamic control of illumination providing constant lighting throughout the procedure


Control illumination with your fingertipsControl illumination with your fingertips:

  • The capacitive control of the light intensity on the lighthead enables the user to adapt the light output to his needs without any risk of moving the light.
  • Surgical assistants can control light units remotely from anywhere in an operating theatre, using an infra-red remote control to adjust lighting to the surgeon’s needs.


Total concentration on the surgical procedureTotal concentration on the surgical procedure:

  • Less visual fatigue for the surgeon thanks to a smart design using overlapping beam technology
  • No agressive spot light in the middle of the light patch
  • The focusing system ensures a uniform and concentrated light patch even when the lighthead is positioned far from the surgical field
  • Good handling due to the Double Fork version

Lighthead equipped with multimedia technologyLighthead equipped with multimedia technology:

  • All LUCEA 100 lightheads are prewired: ready to convey video signals for future upgrades in SD quality
  • Allow teaching and learning even for minor surgery applications


How to order

To place an order or learn more about any of the Maquet products, related accessories, or therapeutic solutions, please contact your local sales representative. 

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