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Technology at its best

In situations that are characterised by urgency or when patients require an oxygen supply not dependent on central gas or electricity supplies, Maquet’s MEDAP Mobile Oxygen Supply System is at its best.

For connection to an oxygen cylinder – the MEDAP product line’s innovative pressure reducing valves offer a suitable solution for every requirement, setting worldwide standards. Like all Maquet products, they are characterised by modern design, top quality workmanship and extremely reliable technical safety.

The stepwise flow regulation of up to 15 l/min provided by the portable oxygen emergency unit as well as the mobile OXYRATOR with or without aspiration allows particularly effective, mobile oxygen therapy in hospitals and medical practises or old people’s and nursing homes.

Pressure reducing valves

Perfect design and technology

Compact, uncomplicated and easy to use - an innovative oxygen pressure reducing valve with click stop metering flowmeter and cylinder content manometer that can be attached to all oxygen cylinders with a DIN screw connection with guaranteed stepwise flow regulation of up to 15 l/min in any position. In addition to oxygen enrichment of the air for breathing, it can also be used for humidifying the air (by means of an optional humidifier).

Optional aspiration facility

The oxygen pressure reducing valve is optionally available with an additional DIN coupling fitted on the side. This allows quick and easy connection of e.g. a FINA fine regulator for oxygen and a gas jet pump for aspiration of fluid, blood or serous fluid.

Emergency oxygen unit

Easy access

Critical situations require perfect functional operation, doctors and nursing staff have to be able to fully rely on the available technology. The emergency oxygen unit together with an additional oxygen cylinder with a capacity of 3 l is designed as a compact unit for placing on the floor or hanging on an equipment rail or the patient bed.

Air for breathing

The emergency oxygen unit is an ideal emergency solution for mobile oxygen therapy with an integrated pressure reducing valve oxygen for gas cylinders, an additional DIN connection,a FINA fine regulator for oxygen, a gas jet pump oxygen with manometer and a matching aspiration set. It is suitable for inhalation and insufflation as well as for short-term manual ventilation and short-term aspiration of blood, fluid or serous fluid.

OXYRATOR with or without aspiration

Allows mobility

A mobile oxygen treatment device, optionally with or without aspiration, is available from Maquet for optimal mobile oxygen supply to patients in hospitals and medical practises. The design of the OXYRATOR allows multiple stationary and mobile utilisation - including transportation, in general wards and as an emergency supply unit in case of failure of the central gas supply.

Highly practical

Perfected technology, reliability and high user-friendliness are the central features characterising the OXYRATOR.

How to order

To place an order or learn more about any of the Maquet products, related accessories, or therapeutic solutions, please contact your local sales representative. 

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