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Haemodynamic management of unstable patients with the PiCCO Module for PulsioFlex

  • The PiCCO module upgrades the PulsioFlex monitor to the use of the PiCCO technology
  • PiCCO advances the precision and reliability of haemodynamic monitoring by calibration via transpulmonary thermodilution
  • The PiCCO module enables lung oedema diagnosis by measuring extravascular lung water
  • The PiCCO parameters, including preload volume, volume responsiveness, afterload and contractility enable the doctor to apply patient centered treatments, including using inotropes and vasopressors

Article Numbers

PiCCO module PiCCO catheter PiCCO kits
PiCCO Module
for PulsioFlex
Art. No. 6882748
PiCCO Catheter PiCCO Kits
(PiCCO Catheter + blood pressure monitoring kit)

The medical device is CE marked according to Directive 93/42/EEC.

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