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Less invasive advanced haemodynamic monitoring combining fiberoptic oximetry, transpulmonary thermodilution and arterial pulse contour analysis.

The PiCCO2 monitor offers advanced haemodynamic monitoring, non-invasive monitoring of liver function and real time monitoring of the central venous oxygenation.


PiCCO2 setup

Technical specifications are subject to change without further notice

The medical device is CE marked according to Directive 93/42/EEC.

Optimal readability

13.3" wide high resolution colour screen. Innovative graphic presentation for facilitated interpretations. SpiderVision® with adjustable target areas.

Easy to use

Touchscreen and navigation dial. Intuitive user interface with direct access buttons. Extensive help function. 

Comfortable handling

Modular extendability with automatic module detection. Flexible mounting and installation possibilities. Integrated backup battery.

Modern monitor

Minimised dimensions despite large screen. Slim ergonomic design. Resistant powder coating.

 PiCCO monitoring

Complete haemodynamic monitoring:

  • Calibrated real-time CO and stroke volume
  • Determination of preload volume and diagnosis of pulmonary oedema
  • Afterload, contractility and volume responsiveness

Liver function monitoring:

  • Liver function test available at the bedside
  • Non-invasive measurement of the plasma disappearance rate of indocyanine green (PDRICG)
  • High specificity and sensitivity for liver dysfunction

Continuous ScvO2 monitoring:

  • Fiberoptic measurement via standard CVC
  • Calculation of oxygen extraction O2 ER
  • Assessment of oxygen balance (O2 delivery vs. O2 consumption)






Pulse contour analysis (continuous)




Volume  responsiveness







dpmx, CPI



Thermodilution (discontinuous)










Organ function





Oxygen  saturation


ScvO2,  DO2I**,  VO2I**



ICG elimination

Liver function     


PDR / R15


* after entering SaO2

** in combination with PiCCO

SpiderVision - Risk assessment at a glance

The SpiderVision screen allows you to check the general haemodynamic situation of a patient at a glance, even from the distance. It serves as a “Dynamic Risk Level” indicator using only continuous parameters to track online the haemodynamic status. The colour of the web chart indicates the current risk so that a quick glance gives the necessary information.

Dynamic risk level - green

Dynamic risk level - green

All parameters are within the defined or normal ranges. The web chart appears in green colour – the patient’s haemodynamic situation is stable.



Dynamic risk level - orange

Dynamic risk level - orangeOne parameter has changed and is out of the defined or normal range. The web chart appears in orange colour – the patient’s haemodynamic status might be unstable.



Dynamic risk level - red

Dynamic risk level - red

Two or more parameters have changed and are out of their defined or normal ranges. The web chart appears in red colour – the patient’s haemodynamic status is severely impaired and unstable.



Profiles - Detailed insight on parameter level

Profiles - Detailed insight on parameter levelThe "Profiles" screen gives you quick insights on specific parameters, their interactions and deviations from normal ranges.

The different categories “Flow”, “Volume”, "Organ function” and “Oxygenation” provide a detailed visualisation of all available parameters. The “Basic” category presents an overview of the key parameters to describe the haemodynamic situation.

Trends - Tracking the clinical course and therapy success

Trends - Tracking the clinical course and therapy successThe "Trends" screen enables you to follow up hemodynamic changes and therapy effects over time.

It is also customisable and displays the course of up to 8 parameters.

How to order

To place an order or learn more about any of the Maquet products, related accessories, or therapeutic solutions, please contact your local sales representative. 

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