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The QUART Arterial Filter combines easy handling, effective elimination of air bubbles and particles, and improved visibility. The construction principle of the increases QUART Arterial Filter efficiency and maximizes patient safety.

Exhausting tapping of the filter belongs to the past. The QUART Arterial Filter is de-bubbled in just two simple steps: first the pre-filter chambers, then the post-filter chambers.

Due to the integrated stand-bypass there is no need of an additional bypass line. This reduces priming volume and dead water zones. In the unlikely event of a blocked filter one simple operation is enough to bypass the blood stream around the filter.

Fundamental, optimum safety

Safety is the concept behind Quart's innovative filter geometry and functionality. Its user-friendly and time saving technology is the standard in conventional perfusion systems.

Computer-optimized design

QUART’s smart blood flow characteristics are the result of computer-optimized design, including the guide plates of the filter cassettes. Its buoyancy and flow dynamics work together to efficiently eliminate air from the blood stream.

Antegrade priming without tapping or angling the filter

De-airing the QUART is as easy as 1-2-3: first the pre-filter chambers, then the post-filter chambers. There is no need for retrograde priming the filter. The simplicity of the QUART de-airing system saves time and is reliable.

Instant independence with the integrated Stand-Bypass

Just turn the switch: whenever needed, the blood flow can be diverted around the filter without complicated clamping or an extra bypass line.

Air bubble prevention

QUART’s innovative planar construction design is comprised of six parallel filter cassettes. Each cassette consists of a guide plate with filter medium on either side. After diffusing through the filter medium, the blood flows through the individual cassettes towards the common outlet. The plane filter areas are flat, without pleats or supporting net. With no folded structures, the accumulation of air bubbles is effectively prevented.


Priming volume 180 ml
Maximum blood flow rate 7 l/min
Pore size 40 µm
Filter surface area 570 cm²
Blood inlet and outlet connectors 3/8"
Purging Luer Lock
Housing Polycarbonate PC
Filter material Polyester
Safety caps Polyethylene (PE)

How to order

To place an order or learn more about any of the Maquet products, related accessories, or therapeutic solutions, please contact your local sales representative. 

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