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Ventilation can be complicated. But the ventilator doesn’t have to be. The wall gas independent SERVO-air™ makes learning, using and owning quality ventilation even more accessible throughout your hospital. From the ICU to intermediate care, for invasive and non-invasive ventilation, SERVO-air provides liberating performance for the entire team.

  • Context-based help onscreen from pre-use check throughout the entire treatment
  • Uninterrupted ventilation enabled by its high-mobility design and wall gas independence
  • SERVO performance turbine-driven ventilation with fast response times and high flow and high pressure capacity
  • Cost-effective ownership thanks to reliable performance, low maintenance, less training time and reduced need for different ventilators.

Easy to use

Start, set, go

SERVO-air makes it easy to get started. Easy to learn, understand and use intuitively, including on-screen help from start-up and throughout treatment. Gentle and quiet care with fast response times and high flow and high pressure capacity. High-mobility design and wall gas independence makes transporting your patient easier.

SERVO-air Fast start

Easy to learn and use

You always know how to proceed with SERVO-air. Its intuitive menu and navigation make it fast and easy to learn. On-screen guidance is available at every step: from pre-use check and parameter setting, and through every phase of treatment. As one clinician puts it: “It’s like having a textbook in the machine.”

SERVO-air User-friendly setup

Uninterrupted ventilation

Mobility is key and SERVO-air is designed to keep up. The battery-powered turbine eliminates the need for heavy air cylinders or power sockets, helping your patients on their journey inside the hospital.

Everything about SERVO-air – its mobility, performance and ease of use – means your patient can benefit from continuum of care until weaned or transferred to home care. This reduces the need for disconnection or transfers between ventilators, saving you time and minimizing risks to the patient.

SERVO-air Clear monitoring


AUTOMODE® supports the weaning of the patient. Set a controlled mode and let the ventilator adapt to the current patient situation, switching between controlled and supported breathing in connection with patient effort. The control mode is initiated after an operator set time-out. This well-established mode provides smoother, safer patient transition and less staff intervention.

Keeping cost down with a smart fleet management

Budget considerations are an ongoing challenge in healthcare, and the combination of SERVO-U and SERVO-air represent the ideal choice for a smart mixed ventilator fleet. The wall gas independent SERVO-air and the advanced SERVO-U have similar user-friendly interfaces. They also share many components, have the same interchangable patient cassette and come with the same “easy-access” service structure.

Original Matters

It does not matter how advanced the support platform is if the interface linking its capabilities to the patient is compromised. Choosing genuine Maquet consumables helps ensure that you can take full advantage of the Maquet SERVO ventilators.

Maquet consumables:

  • are fully tested and approved
  • are made of top quality material and design
  • guarantee full capabilities and performance
  • minimize risk for unplanned downtime and ensures optimum performance throughout the system's lifecycle

Maquet has designed a full range of masks, breathing systems/circuits and patient specific interface options for the SERVO ventilators. Each of these options is quality engineered to ensure ongoing access to the platforms’ key support features while promoting better patient comfort and safety.


Filters and humidifiersFilters and humidifiers

The unique Servo Duo Guard filter is specially designed to manage nebulized medications. It can be used for 48 hours without exchange. It also helps to secure a healthy work-environment for your staff and at the same time protects the ventilator, helping ensure a long life time.

Servo humidifiers are optimized to combine high efficiency with low resistance and small volume. The Servo humidifiers come in versions with or without a bacterial/viral filter, humidifying and reducing contamination risk for patient and equipment. Maquet supplies both active and passive humidifiers.


Non-invasive breathing masksNon-invasive ventilation (NIV) masks

The NIV face masks are non-vented and especially designed to help facilitate breathing for patients with acute or chronic respiratory distress or failure. The soft membrane cushion provides a comfortable seal that is easily fitted to your patient. The NIV masks come in a variety of sizes, and are available as reusable or disposable.


Anesthesia breathing circuit kitsReusable and disposable breathing systems

The breathing systems are lightweight with smoothbore internal design to minimize flow resistance. Can be fitted with active or passive humidifiers.

How to Order Consumables

For ordering of consumables please contact your local Maquet representative. You may send us a message using the contact form from the link below or reach out to us by phone or fax.


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