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With a freeflow of 58 l/min at a maximum vacuum of -90 kPa, the TWISTA SP 1070 is a surgical aspirator with exceptionally high performance, especially designed for the reliable continuous operation in the operating theatre. TWISTA SP 1070 enables you to remove large quantities of septic fluid, blood and serous liquids – including the particles therein – fast and over a long period of time from natural and artificial body orifices.

TWISTA features low operational sound levels within the suction unit. The compact, space-saving design enable a flexible workflow, making TWISTA SP 1070 is the ideal partner for every operating theatre. An ergonomic modern design ensures fast and simple operation, and excellent levels of hygiene.

An innovative, modular overflow protection system not only provides the TWISTA SP 1070 with reliable protection against oversuction, but saves costs, too. The same applies to the broad range of possible application-specific accessories and the maintenance-friendly, durable construction.

Modular overflow protection

For the application-specific use of the TWISTA SP 1070, Maquet developed a new, modular overflow protection system. This has the advantage that every hospital decides individually which type of overflow protection is the most economical solution for it.

The modular overflow protection system is innovative, utility-oriented and cost-saving and very effectively protects the TWISTA SP 1070 against oversuction on two levels:

The lower part of the overflow protection system has a mechanical overflow protection to offer an effective first level of protection.

In addition to this, the upper part of the overflow protection system has a chamber for the high-performance hydrophobic bacterial and viral filter. This means even more safety and also enables quick filter replacement even during the OR operation.

All of the components of the overflow protection system are part of an economical re-usable system and can be autoclaved at 134° C. A precondition of this is, however, that the hydrophobic filter, which is autoclavable several times, is not heavily soiled.

Large vacuum gauge

  • Scale in kPa and mmHg
  • Easy to operate
  • Optimal work height

Economic drive unit

Like all Maquet products, the TWISTA SP 1070 is distinguished by excellent workmanship, the use of high-quality materials and individual components, and a long life. The almost maintenance-free unit requires an initial, brief inspection after 3,000 hours of operation only. Maintenance work takes no more than one hour. This means: The TWISTA SP 1070 guarantees maximum performance -e.g. the vacuum is generated within a very short time and minimum follow-up costs.

Bacterial filter at the air outlet

The bacterial filter at the air outlet avoids contamination of the operating theatre. During suction, fluid enter the septic fluid collection jar provided. The airflow drawn off is possibly contaminated and must be cleaned hygienically before returning into the operating theatre. To protect both patient and operating theatre personnel, the TWISTA SP 1070 is equipped with a high performance bacterial filter, which ensures excellent hygiene around the air outlet.

Practice-oriented application sets

Maquet offers a wide range of practice-oriented application sets for the TWISTA SP 1070 with several sizes of septic fluid jars, septic fluid jar caps and reusable and disposable septic fluid jars. If the individual combination is not available, the parts can be completed individually.

How to order

To place an order or learn more about any of the Maquet products, related accessories, or therapeutic solutions, please contact your local sales representative. 

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