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With the Universal Frame, Maquet offers a completely new level of flexibility when it comes to patient positioning. The possibilities afforded by the Universal Frame make it both an attractive and an ideal addition to every OR table. The frame supports the positioning of patients in the supine, prone and lateral positions.
Moreover, thanks to the slender design and the metal-free radiolucent materials it ensures good fluoroscopy options. 

The Universal Frame can be used in multiple surgical disciplines:

  • Orthopedics and traumatology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Vascular surgery
  • Pediatrics
  • General surgery

The Universal Frame is compatible with the current Maquet OR table range. It can easily be mounted to the leg plate interface and quickly configured for surgery. A trolley stores all the basic accessories and is used to assist with the mounting of the Universal Frame. Furthermore, since the Universal Frame is also compatible with the legacy Spinal Frame (device for spinal surgery), other existing equipment can still be used.

Adjustable positioning elements Adjustable positioning elements

A new concept has been developed for positioning prone patients. Four compact, ergonomically designed positioning elemts can be adjusted individually in three planes: laterally, vertically and horizontally. This ensures precisely tailored body positions. The minimized supporting surface directly beneath the spine creates a large, undisturbed imaging corridor. 

Different table tops Long table top

Two table tops in different sizes expand the positioning possibilities of the Universal Frame. While the short table top provides good access to the head area, the long table top gives an expansive imaging window for spinal and abdominal procedures. Furthermore, the long table top is a very good option for pediatric surgery.

Excellent stability and ergonomic working conditions Seated position

The frame construction with its carbon fiber bars and slender support base is very stable. The table tops support a proportional patient weight of 250 kg (551 lbs). When the positioning elements are mounted, a proportional weight of a 180 kg (396 lbs) patient may be carried. The height adjustment function makes it possible to work either standing or seated, according to the preference of OR staff.

How to order

To place an order or learn more about any of the Maquet products, related accessories, or therapeutic solutions, please contact your local sales representative. 

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