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With the VOLISTA® product range, Maquet offers a comprehensive product line that integrates lighting, suspension and multimedia equipment (thanks to the Quick Lock system), to meet the individual needs of each surgical theater. VOLISTA range extends in a gradual offer with:

• VOLISTA Access


VOLISTA Access, new Maquet surgical light StandOP VOLISTA 64, SATELITE Anchoring

During open surgery, surgeons require to see clearly in order to operate in even the most difficult conditions.

An operating light that contributes to a safe interpretation of the patient’s condition is essential. VOLISTA range’s unique design fulfills this need by providing constant illumination with natural colors.

  • Enhanced safety: reduce day-to-day stress and improve safety for patients and surgical teams alike.
  • Enhanced performance: work in the best possible conditions in order to concentrate exclusively on the patient throughout the procedure.

  • Enhanced ambient work: VOLISTA offers a specific green ambient light mode which brings a peaceful vibes to the operating room.


VOLISTA® Access: Get to the essence...

Give access to VOLISTA technology: 

VOLISTA Access, new Maquet surgical light VOLISTA range, surgical light control

Support surgeons with the best possible light.

  • Mounted in an elementary suspension assuring essential functions of the surgical light.

  • Basic wall keypad to centralize and control all functions, with or without any battery backup.

  • Wireless HD ready or full HD cameras available.

Control at any time.

All main functions available at the lighthead with:

  • On/Off
  • Standard lighting or ambient lighting and dimming
  • Adjustment of the light patch diameter
  • Zoom if a camera is set
  • Warning and battery indicators 
Volista range BOOST Stabilize illumination VOLISTA range

Prevent complicated situations:

VOLISTA’s boost function offers reserve illumination capacity up to 160,000 Lux.

Stabilize illumination:

The FSP (Flux Stability Program) guarantees constant illumination throughout a surgical procedure, avoiding lighting variations inherent to LED Technology.

 ...and much more with VOLISTA® StandOP®

LMD on VOLISTA StandOP AIM system on VOLISTA StandOP

Protect your eyes.

The LMD (Luminance Management Device) system regulates the illumination reaching the surgeon’s eyes. Surgeons are assured of equivalent light levels when they look at dark cavities or light tissue.

Move freely:

The AIM system, available on VOLISTA, automatically
compensates for shadows by increasing the light output level of the LEDs that are not masked. This function offers total freedom of movement without any drop in illumination. 

VOLISTA StandOP colour temperature Touchscreen control panel available on VOLISTA StandOP

Safe interpretation of tissue condition.

VOLISTA uses only white LEDs, offering totally faithful
color rendering with no colored cast shadows. The color temperature can be adapted using an innovative, patented three levels cold filter system. By offering true, authentic and reliable color temperature variation, VOLISTA is the only light to guarantee constant rendering.

Simple yet powerful controls.

  • A touchscreen control panel centralizes all information
  • Access to lighthead and camera settings
  • Lighthead synchronization
  • Presets for storing favourite settings
  • Assistance with preventive maintenance, including backup, power supply testing, operating parameter storage and self-diagnostics.

How to order

To place an order or learn more about any of the Maquet products, related accessories, or therapeutic solutions, please contact your local sales representative. 

Quick Lock Camera System

Quick Lock System : A tool-less attachment system to quickly connect and disconnect Maquet surgical light cameras.

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership: no need to purchase cameras for each room
  • Less downtime: no special tools or training are required to connect and disconnect the camera.
  • Improved reliability: the simple attachment system means fewer broken parts of specialized equipment when moving the camera.

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