Maquet products, services and solutions contribute to Getinge Group’s continuum of care; enabling surgeries and treating acute health conditions.

Enable Surgeries

Under the Getinge and Maquet product brands, we provide comprehensive infection control systems for hospitals. We also streamline workflows and ergonomics in surgical workplaces. The flow of sterile equipment and surgical instruments is optimized with our advanced IT tracking systems. 

Getinge’s offering includes equipment, consumables and services for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of instruments, as well as equipment for complete surgical workplaces and expanded treatment options. Our products promote efficient and secure hospital workflows.

Sophisticated IT solutions contribute to optimized patient and workflows. They also help to minimize risks and to ensure compliance. All this improves patient safety and creates a more efficient utilization of resources, staff and equipment. 

Enable Surgeries

Treat Acute Health Conditions

Our cardiac, pulmonary and vascular therapies to treat acute health conditions carry the Maquet product brand. The solutions contribute to advanced clinical practice, improved patient outcome and enhanced life quality.


We offer a thorough range of products for life support in acute health conditions, including OR equipment, intensive care units and catheterization labs, instruments and implants for cardiovascular surgery, anesthesia equipment and ventilators. Our product range also features advanced solutions for minimally invasive treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

By focusing on future-orientated technology that facilitates daily operations and improves patient care, we follow the patient throughout the continuum of care for surgeries as well as for cardiac, pulmonary and vascular therapies.