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The CARDIOHELP System is the world’s smallest, portable heart-lung support system making it ideal for transporting patients within and outside the hospital while on circulatory and / or pulmonary support, up to 6 hours. The all-in-one heart-lung support system can be rapidly deployed in the fields of emergency medicine, cardiology and cardiac surgery to restore and stabilize the patient’s cardiopulmonary functions, so clinicians can gain valuable time to save patients’ lives.

Design features:

  • The CARDIOHELP device, with its innovative design and safety features, is ideal for use in multiple settings in the operating room, cardiac catheterization laboratory and in the emergency room.
  • Compact and functional design provides maximum flexibility and easy handling of the device and its disposables.
  • Offers greater intuitive control, even in emergency situations, with its touchscreen and newly designed user interface.

Safety features:

  • Blood parameters provide easy access to continuous in-line measurement including temperature, hemoglobin, hematocrit and venous saturation.
  • Integrated sensors provide a comprehensive overview of pressures and flow rate.
  • Sophisticated safety management allows individual alarms, warning limits and interventions can be set during use.
  • Extensive back-up system offers a 90-minute battery supply when fully charged, Emergency Drive Hand Crank and a special Emergency Mode.
  • An automatic screen lock prevents accidental operating and configuration changes.

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