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Fortress tailored access solutions

A 4F sheath allows for minimally invasive treatment of patients with complex lower limb disease. BIOTRONIK was the first to offer a portfolio for lower limb treatment through a 4F reinforced introducer sheath, combined with 4F and 0.018" guide wire compatible balloon catheters and self-expanding stent systems up to 200 mm in length.

The availability of 4F, 5F and 6F reinforced introducer sheaths allow a tailored access approach. The BIOTRONIK 6F Solutions portfolio enables treatment through our 6F reinforced introducer sheath while utilizing our trusted 6F compatible balloon catheters and self-expanding stent systems, both up to 200 mm in length.



  • Coil reinforced sheath designed for kink and deformation resistance
  • Sheath marker to provide tip radiopacity
  • Hydrophobic coated sheath1
  • Smooth tapered sheath and dilator tip

1 5F and 6F sheath

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