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The XPOSE 3 Positioner is a third generation access device designed to securely lift the heart during off-pump bypass surgery to easily position and access target vessels, while maintaining hemodynamic stability.  Intended for both apical and non-apical placement on the heart, this device provides exceptional maneuverability, greater access, and ease of use.  The XPOSE 3 device has a "clamshell" type mount.

Combine the XPOSE 3 Access Device with an ACROBAT Stabilizer and you have the ability to reach all major vessels of the heart with a low-profile system that is easy to use for revascularization procedures performed off-pump.

  • Active Suspension Technology – Four-degrees-of-freedom suspension design allows normal cardiac motion and maintains stable hemodynamics
  • FlexLink Technology - Interlocking links designed for maximum maneuverability and flexibility
  • Low-Profile Arm - Refined design for increased operative field exposureCompliant Suction Cup - Designed to maintain secure contact with the epicardial surface at a low-vacuum setting
  • QuickLock Knob - Single knob with minimal turns for quick locking
  • “Clamshell” type mount – fits with Maquet sternal retractor blade option


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